Call for Papers

The 4th International Scientific Conference
Information Science in the Age of Change
Innovative Information Services

The Faculty of Journalism, Information and Book Studies
Department of Information Studies
University of Warsaw

Warsaw, 15th – 16th May 2017

The wide dissemination and rapid development of computer information technology imply constant change, both in the research field of information science and practical information services carried out in various areas of social life: science, business, government, culture, education or health care. The aim of the conference “Information Science in an Age of Change” is to monitor the transformations that take place, to presentat new concepts and research methods as well as the already designed and implemented new ways that improve information tools and services.

Conference topics

The leading theme of this year’s conference are innovative information services. The scope of the conference covers a wide range of theoretical and practical aspects of modern tools and methods of the information activities, information and knowledge organization, information and knowledge management, the analysis and evaluation of new technologies applied in the social transfer of information and knowledge and their reception among users. The planned discussions will cover the following topics:

  • innovative information services in science and education
  • innovative information services in business, media and public administration
  • innovative information services in libraries, archives, museums and other cultural institutions
  • the social and philosophical aspects of innovative technologies and information services
  • semantic technologies in information services
  • mobile information services
  • social media, the Internet communities and innovative information services
  • providing access to research data
  • information and knowledge visualization in modern information services
  • innovations in knowledge organization
  • innovations in information management
  • the innovations in information architecture
  • users of innovative information services
  • innovation in the Information Science and its subdisciplines
  • innovative information services as the object of the Information Science research
  • new concepts of information professionals education

Presentation slides